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Metal artwork, custom designed metal candle holders, wine racks, wall hangings, sculptures, furniture and other home accessories. Shelving, display racks and product stands custom built for retail stores.

Let us take you into a new world of creative metal design. Our metal artwork is designed to not only be functional and eye catching, but to give a feeling of the artist's freedom. We work with most types of metal, adding ceramics and mirrors to accent our wall hangings, wine racks, candle holders and accessories.

Custom design metal work is our nitch. We take your idea, sketch or measurements, add our creative twist and produce exciting, affordable custom artwork to suit the image you demand. We can create metal artwork in any size, color or shape you'd like. Metal home accessories scan be ornamental, rustic, formal or contemporary.

Whether you are ordering single items for your home or office, or multiple pieces for your retail store, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts or gifts for any occasion, we can guarantee affordable pricing, excellent workmanship and 100% satisfaction with all of our artwork.

We are not limited to candle holders, wall hangings, accessories and wine racks. We can create anything from metal as long as you send the measurements, shape, color, any additional features you'd like such as ceramic pieces, mirrors, grape motif, leaf designs, root designs, etc.

Large shelving units, product stands, display racks, ornamental shelving and mirror frames can be custom built to fit any retail shop
Metal candle holders Wall candle holders metal candle holders Floor candle holder
Metal wine racks wine rack with root designs custom designed wine rack wine rack with leaf and grape designs
metal wall hangings floral metal wall hangings metal horse wall hanging wall hangings
metal home accessories metal chairs metal fish sculpture metal lanterns
product stands, display racks optical display rack coffee product stand liquor store display rack

If you have an idea that you would like to patent and need a model or sample created, Woodman Creative Metal designs can take your ideas and give you the finished product you are looking for. Any items created would be kept confidential and we will guarantee this in writing.

For more information please contact Lawrence Woodman:
Box 5201
Hinton, Alberta Canada
T7V 1X4
Shop: (780)865-3438
Fax: (780)865-1962

E-mail lawoodma@gmail.com

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